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Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade
Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade
Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade
Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade
Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade

Cynthia hand-blown glass base with Dupion silk shade


Base description
This is an old French design, except in this case, the striking green blown glass has clean and contemporary lines with a lovely sleek feel. All set off with solid brass fittings.


Shade description
This shade is made from the grandaddy of silk - Dupion. And to think it all started out with a friendly little worm spinning its stuff. Dupion has a beautiful lustre that simply cannot be replicated from man made processes. We love this soft neutral ivory colour. Sometimes this silk has small imperfections - known as slubs - where two threads of silk yarn are twisted together a little more thickly than usual. Slubs happen, and should be celebrated as a reminder that silk is a natural, organic and beautiful fibre...not grumbled about! We hope you love and live happily ever after with your glorious Dupion silk shade. And if you made it this far...

Lamp height 47cm

Lamp width 15.5cm

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