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Balinese Sarong  Cushion
Balinese Sarong  Cushion
Balinese Sarong  Cushion
Balinese Sarong  Cushion
Balinese Sarong  Cushion

Balinese Sarong Cushion


These crazy colourful cushions are made up from the Balinese sarongs. We found them downtown Denpasar is a street where they sell pretty much nothing but sarongs, in hundreds of shops! This style (highly colourful and embroidered) are considered to be “high fashion” and very cutting edge in sarong style. Well of course when we heard that, we couldn’t resist some! 

 We’ve interlined them to make them super durable. Sold with cushion inner. 

50 by 40cm

Is there a White Elephant shop in Nairobi?

Our warehouse at No 18 Windy Lane, off Windy Ridge, where you are more than welcome to visit us Monday to Friday between 9.00am & 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 10.00am and 4.00pm. 

The warehouse is mostly for larger furniture items and a smaller range of home accessories.

We have another outlet within the Langata Link shopping complex where we display mostly home accessories and one or two pieces of furniture. 

If an item you're interested in is NOT stocked at Windy Lane, it is indicated as being available at Langata Link shops in the product description. 

We look forward to seeing you at either outlet soon!


What is the Feel The Love service?

You're busy. Traffic is a nightmare. We know all this! SO, for only Kshs 2,500/- (per piece of furniture within Greater Nairobi) we'll bring your items to you! If you love it, you can just pay our driver with a credit card or Mpesa the money over. If you don't, well, we'll just take it away again! 

Please note that some of our larger items of furniture may not fit in our vehicle, but we'll let you know what's possible when we see what you're interested in. 

Contact us for more information on this service or any other enquires you may have. We are here to help! 


100% money back guarantee

If you have paid for a piece of furniture on line and it turns out to be totally different to what you imagined when you see it, we promise to give you back your money there and then. 

Please note that once you have collected from us, or accepted delivery & installed a piece in your home, we assume you are happy with your goods and will not refund after this point. 

Please do contact us for more information on this or any service. We are here to help!